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Hey folks,

Found a Pony wheel core, and I had a few questions:

- It came with everything from the horn contact ring forward, including the center horn hub, but there's two pieces that I don't know what they are. If you look in your NPD catalog, p 59 at the installation kit pieces, there's a black cup-like piece with four holes, and a small spring. What are these, and where do they go?

- The paint on the back of that black cup piece is in nice shape. Is it the same paint as the interior? It looks more like the engine bay color. It might be a nice reference for something, if I could only figure out what!

- The assembly that holds down the horn ring looks to be 3 screws, 3 washers, and 3 springs. The exploded version looks the same, with different part numbers for each. My screws look to be single pieces, with a flat area directly below the head instead of washers. Alternate assembly, or later replacements?

- Finally, after I fix the 3/4" gap in the rim and want to install it, what more do I need that I can't salvage from my original standard wheel?


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