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I have two questions about SusieQ (66 mustang) 1. Sometimes the wipers and dash gauges won't work until we hit a bump, any ideas where to start looking?
2. The bolts holding the exhaust pipe to the manifold won't stay tight any suggestions?

Thanks Texas66

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Well Tex,

My first impression is that you have a loose ground to the dash area or from the engine block to the firewall.
there should be a heavy gauge wire on the passenger side block/head to the firewall.

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My was doing the same thing as your's is. Turned out that my ignition
switch was bad. Put a new one in and no more problems. If after you
check for loose connections and don't find any, you might try that.
One quick check to see if it's bad, is to feel the back of it after you've
been driving. If it's real hot, then that's the culprit.
On the bolts, you might try some lock tight, or lock washers on it.

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The bolts are prolly stretched and need replacing.

Did you know that properly torquing a grade-8 bolt reduces it's grade? You should only re-use a fastener three times to be safe.

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Ditto to the above on the loose ground vs. ignition switch. As far as the hanger bolts, I put nuts with nylon washers in them, and have had no problems since.
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