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I need upper ball joints, lower control arms (all) for my 66 289 convert. They want to charge me $500 for parts/installation and alignment. Can I do this myself w/o a lot of special tools? Is the price too high? Help, fast. They just called and need a go-ahead.

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If you're just changing the upper ball joints, you don't really need any special equipment. If the upper ball joints are riveted on, you just need a hammer and a chisel to cut the heads of the rivets off. The new upper ball joint bolts in place. The lower control arms are a bolt in item. Not too hard to do. You'll need to keep the coil spring compressed for both operations.

Now if you're changing springs, spring seat bushings or spring insulators, you'll need a spring compressor.

Otherwise, you can do it with hand tools. I'd defintiely let someone do the alignment, though.

Good luck.

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If you have knowledge pertaining to the R&R of balljoints (entire lower control arm required) and have some necessary tools, i.e. floor jack and coil spring compressor not to mention a decent set of standard wrenches and drives, you could do it in a 3+ hours for about $125.00 in quality parts. Then you'll need to slowly drive it ( or have it taken to a shop w\ an alignment rack, add $70.00 not including a transporting fee if necessary. OK, so you've spent $200.00 if you already have the knowledge and the tools. If you don't have the last two, let the shop handle it. The shop may be hitting you a little high for labor, but not by much, and they'll do it right. Then you'll be ridin' by the weekend.
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