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Radiator flush & Antifreeze?

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The weather is finally in the 70's and 80's here so it's time to flush the radiator and add new antifreeze. I should of done this a while back but kept procrastinating.

What is the best over the counter radiator flush to help wash out what looks like some rust sediment, etc. And what antifreeze should I go with? or are they all basically the same, just find something on sell?


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Zerex makes some pretty good stuff that's sold at AutoZone. Just pour, run, then flush. If you don't have a flush kit installed then pick one up. They work great! As for the coolant I'm running Prestone's Extended Life. It's Dexcool basically. I've also found that adding a little Water Wetter by Redline noticeably lowers my operating temp. It works best with a low coolant/water ratio so I run only about 15% Dexcool in the summer, distilled water, and a bottle of Water Wetter. Works great down here in San Antonio.


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