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Radiator Help

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How do I know how many row radiator I have, want to install ac this spring and want to get parts list together.

thanx in advance,


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Pop the radiator cap and look inside. Count the number of tubes you see front to back. Most 66's will have 2 rows of tubes.

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Likely as not, you have a 2-row radiator....

If so, you may want to consider upgrading to a 3 row unit, fan shroud and 5 blade fan when adding AC. The main reason is that the AC condensor adds heat to the air going through the radiator so you need more cooling surface and more efficient airflow to retain the proper heat extraction from the engine coolant...

If you do make the change, it would also be a good idea to reverse flush the engine coolant passages prior to installing the new radiator. Some folks also put a filter in the upper radiator hose to catch debris before the get to the radiator (I have not so don't have comments there).

The main thing to remember is that the cooling system will be working a bit harder partially because of the airflow temp changes as well as the fact that the engine has to make a bit more HP to run the AC system along with its other regular duties....

Good luck and keep cool!! *G*


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On this subject, does anyone know what the factory '66 radiator was with factory A/C? Were they all
2 row, or did you get the upgrade with A/C? My 66 vert has a 2 row and I know it came with A/C, but I
have no idea if the radiator is authentic or not. It does not have a shroud, and I can't remember how many
fan blades there are.


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My '66 coupe has factory AC and came with a 2-row radiator and a 7-bladed fan with shroud. I've upgraded to a 3-row radiator as one of the many items I've replaced. The 3-row I installed looks identical to the old 2-row on the outside.

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