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I think my problem with replacing the steering gearbox ended up being the extreemly worn out rag joint. I've ordered a new one but it only comes as the bushing and bolts. You need to reuse the existing clamp.

QUestion is: there are 2 bolts and 2 stud like guides, the bolts come out but the studs (one large one small) hold down two point of the bushing, HOW DO THESE COME APART??? so I can put the new bushing on. there are no threads that I can see and it doesn't appear to unscrew??

HELP, please

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I just want to make sure you know that most of the people on the VMF never look
in here - and that you would have a lot better chance of getting questions like
this one answered on the main forum - where there are 6000 people registered.

There are probably only 40-45 people that look at stuff in here right now /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

The main forum can be found at:

Or just go to and follow the links to the "New Forum".

Good luck with the steering box!

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