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have a rare 351C intake for sale. I bought on EEEBAAYYY thinking it was for a Boss 302. It is for a 351C.

Has Ford Experimental "XH" part number on it. It is a single plane, dominator set up. But, it has water outlets as used on a Boss 302 weber or trans am mini-plenum intake. I've never seen one, although have been told it was used on a pantera at Le Mans.

Intake is in excellent condition and looks a lot like the D1ZX dominator intake.

20% off from what I paid for it-- $400

Pictures if you are serious
e-mail for more detail

[email protected]

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do you still want the edelbrock scorpein ? i bought the intake and seats from you not long ago. i've never even tried the intake yet . i bought a 94 gt that i've started on and am looking for some cash to by some goodies for it. still have the toploader also. it's a wide ratio.
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