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Rattle Can Paint for Cad Finish?

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Anyone have some good suggestions for painting parts, bolts and nuts to get them to resemble cadmium plating finish?

I have a exhaust mounting bracket that appears to have a small amount of cadmium finish under the undercoating; the rest is rusted. I'm too cheap to send it out for replating and too cheap to buy another one. Nuts and bolts are a different story. What would work best? The cast color appears too dull. I bought a silver spray can, but I suspect that will be too shiney.

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i've used the eastwood cad paint... and it leaves something to be desired. it's ok i suppose, if you aren't picky

caswell plating sells a copy cad plating kit which i bought but have not tried yet. supposedly it looks exactly like cad and can be converted to do zinc-like plating. this is real plating with the solution and stuff, but home-safe. the kit was about $100, you might want to give it a try, go to

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Aluminum colored enamel works fairly well. I had a piece cad plated and although it was good plating, there were some gold streaks in it from two different plating batch processes. I painted one side with aluminum paint and in rotating the part its very hard to tell which side is painted and which side is plated.
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