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511 Views 1 Reply 2 Participants Last post by  390fastback rattle in the '98, sounds like its coming from the front of the dash. Honey, do you hear it? Yeah, sounds kind of bad, wonder what it is? No time to find it now, gotta keep up with the Cobras on this Route 66 cruise! Geez, its getting worse! Perhaps we outta stop and see if there's something loose under the hood... Okay, that's enough gotta stop. We'll catch up with the others later! No more than one step out of the car my SWMBO reaches up in the cowl vent area and says, "The only thing loose is your brain! When did you take the radio antenna off? I'd taken the radio antenna mast off to use the car cover after washing the car the day before the cruise. I just left the antenna hooked under the wipers thinking I'd remember it the next day. Oh well, it was an easy fix!
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Ala Homer Simpson......DOH!
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