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so im lookin for rear brake cylinders, checked the usual Mustang parts suppliers first,anywhere from $19.95 to $42 bucks each, i guess more is better?
so i try Advanced Auto parts last, cause i dont want junk parts on my brakes, but what the heck, worth a check at least.
So i found the part number ew28804 and 05 pre 06/65 v8 and then go in and ask....Are they made in the good ole U.S of A... dont know was the replay, so they go back and get one out.......Made in i figure...better than i say give me a right and a left.....about 15 bucks for right side and 12 bucks? for left side? They are new parts...
ok ...good enuff, then i notice ...
Made in Italy with Wagner / Bendix/ Raybestus on the label ?
thought id pass this on, for whats its worth
now im wondering who makes the front rotors for them ?
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