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Hello All, Just wanted to say hi first. I just signed up today to the Forum and boy do I plan to use it.

There are two great car shows out here where I live. They both are a little different then just cars in a strip mall parking lot. The whole downtown area turns into a giant carshow. It sounds silly but I am serious. There is a DJ playing 60's music. There is food and drink for sale. All the parking spots all around the shops, stores, Metra parking, and side streets are all filled with Mostly Classic but also current hot cars. ( Someone always seems to bring out their Viper or Ferrari - That must really suck huh? )


On every Wednesday of the week the big car show is held in Cary, IL 60013.

On every Thursday of the week the biggest ( in the area I think ) is in Crystal Lake, IL 60014.

Both shows are in the Downtown areas of each City.

Thanks again and I look forward to maybe seeing some of you there.


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Sounds like some great opportunities to meet some of you all. Why don't we make it a habbit to post on here when each of us will be taking our 'stangs out on a cruise. Perhaps then others may join in. Just leave a quick message on where you are going, and what your car looks like so we can find each other. Sounds like a plan? Perhaps I may be able to hit one of those Wed or Thur cruises in the next week or two.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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