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I have the rear out of the car now for a rebuild and detail. I am also converting to rear discs. I bought all new brake lines from NPD (EXELENT company to deal with). One of the line sets is wrong, i'ts for a single exhaust setup. NPD will gladly exchange it. I would realy like to start putting everything together right away. My question is are the 2 rear lines that go from the dist. block on the rear to the backing plates different from dual and single exhaust? I wouldn't see why. I thought the only difference was the flex line. Thanks Richie

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They are the same. I replaced the lines and rebuilt the MC in my project. I bought the dual exhaust set. I did some bracket massaging to get the fit right. I had bought the dual exhaust bracket and decided that the massaging was good enough. I've got about 3/4" clearance between the Russel stainless braided lines and the tailpipe.

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