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Ok this is a new thing apparently, i have searched the whole interwebs and there is nothing on this topic. So here is the deal.
I found a grrrrreat deal on a 67 Gt rear end, complete with 3.5 gears and equa lock traction. The whole setup cost less than what I was quoted to installe the 3.55 Richmond gears I had already purchased.
My rear end was working just fine but I wanted the 3.5 gear upgrade.
I went to pick up the rear end and it had also been converted to disc brakes,,,, sweet I thought this deal just got better. The guy told me that the calipers would probably have to be rebuilt. OK Whatever
I take it home and try to search the interwebs and nobody has rear brake calipers for a 98 thunderbird which is apparently what this is off of.
So now i have the new gears the posi new rear leaf springs and everything installed but i cant enjoy it because i have no rear brakes on the car. So i figured why even bother just take off the disc brakes and go back to my drums from my previous rear end. ( Most of you guys are probably thinking why would he go from disc back to drum) I dont race my car and it is at most an every other weekend cruiser. WHy dont I just fork out the $200 for new calipers, because then this smoking deal is not so smoking. And I kind of like the look of a disc drum car makes it appear more stock. I know this may seem crazy but then again I dont like the look of the fastback and i know I am on the minority on that one. What can I say like to be different.
Back to the point, I cant get the disc brake bracket off of the car,,,,I got all 8 bolts off so that I could pull the axle however the damn bracket does not want to come off. I used a pry bar hammer body weight and begging, There is a metal plate that connects 2 bolts which is stuck. If you are familiar with the t bird setup you know what im talking about.

Are there any tricks to the trade to removing this plate that I dont know about
This bracket is preventing me from pulling out the axle and enjoying my ride.
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