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Rear disks suggestion / input please

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I am presently running stock 4-piston Kelsey-Hayes GT brakes (SSBC replacement castings) and stock rear drums on my ‘66 A-code GT. I was surprised how well the system worked with Porterfield R4-S pads / shoes last track day outing. So, I thought I would upgrade rear drums to disks and reached out to Stainless Steel Brake Corp. to see what they had. I have received their rear disk kit which has vented rotors and single piston calipers (88-91 Lincoln / T-bird Turbo coupe?). My plan was to be able to drive to the track with street pads, jack the car and slip track pads in for a day or two. From what I know now, these type of rear calipers need to be unbolted from the mounting brackets to change pads (not like the simple remove/replace upfront). How big of a deal is this? Seems like a major PITA. Who makes a system where all 4 calipers will have slip-out/slip-in capability?
Thanks. CT
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