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what are rear end gears? im sorry im only 16 but im trying to learn. do the rear end gears effect/enhance performance?

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The rear end of rear wheel drive cars have a set of gears in them that reduce (by proportion)
the rotations of the motor to a smaller number of rotations at the rear wheels. The
1st and 2nd and 3rd gears of the tranny do the same thing. Having a high rear end ratio
say; 4 to 1 would in effect be like driving around in second gear. When you step on the gas
in second gear a car really jumps. At some point if you keep your foot on the gas the motor
will reach a maximum rpm and accelerate no more. If you are racing somebody you want this to happen
after the finish line. Rear end gears ratios are selected to suit the needs of the
driver or racer. If the race will be over before you get to 65 miles per hour and you plan
on pulling stumps out of your neighbors cow pasture a high ratio is for you. If you are going to
race robby gordon around talladega probably a lower ratio would be in order.I hope this answers
your question.

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