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Rear End Swap for 66 'Stang

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I understand that a Granada/Monarch rear end will bolt into my 66, but is a bit wide. How much wider is it and is there a problem with fitting wheels? Also, will a Fairmont rear end bolt in? What about front brake parts from Fairmont for 66 Mustang? Thanks, guys.

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The rear axle in my 66 is getting tired. What I'm going to do, is to, purchase a 9" rear axle housing that has been narrowed to stock Mustang width from a local axle shop. It comes with billet, small bearing ends. This means that I can re-use my 28 spline axles and backing plates. I'll get a rebuilt Traction lock 28 spline center section. This set-up will be plently strong for my 302 and relatively cheap!

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The Granada or Versilles rear is 3/8" wider overall. I put a Versilles in my '65 and had
no trouble with the same wheels. Thats only 3/16 of a inch on each side! I have the
Vintage Wheel Work's 16X8 #48. The swap is a great improvement over the 8" rear.
I like the fact that you get a 9" and disc brakes at the same time and it bolts in.
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