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I had originally posted that I had a noise in my 65 fastback's differential area. I had pulled drive shaft to check u-joints and they were good.I had convinced myself that the rear was going bad. This morning I started taking apart and after removing the right rear brake drum I found the brake adjuster loose and flopping around. This was the source of noise I heard. I also never had a warranty tag on my door to ID the rear, although by counting revolutions I knew I had a 3.00:1 ratio.I had never found the tag(never really looked that good)untill today. Amazing discovery, tag reads WDJ-C which according to my book is a locking differential, right. I never really checked and I have had this car for 12 years.This also explains some of the noise I hear when I make sharp turns in parking lot at slow speeds. According to book the clutches disengage to keep wheels at same turn speed. How rare is the 3.00-1 locker rear end did a lot of these get put in? I have seen 3.25 or 3.50 but not a 3.00. Thanks for all the advice and input to help me on this problem

Lucky Find!
The posi unit (probably Traction Lock) can be swapped between different gear sets.
Posi units are pretty rare, 3.00 gear sets pretty common. So you are lucky two times.
You don't have a major expensive repair and you get a posi in the deal.

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