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Rear Quater Trim Panel 66 GT Coupe

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I asked this question earlier this week and did not get a response so I'm trying again.

Besides the three small screws on the rear trim quarter panel there is a rather large opening at the top of the panel under the package tray. I think a bolt or some other type of fastner goes there. Does anyone know?
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Yea i think we are talking about the same hole should be a little bigger then 1/4 inch circle. and there is also a matching hole under the package tray on the ledge....right? On mine there is. So do you know what type of fastener goes there. I dont think its a screw. Thanks for the help
THANKS.....The panel is giving me a nasty rattle/vibration sound that is driving me crazy.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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