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Rear Shoulder Belts

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I've got 3 point belts in the front and headrests on my front seats now. However, I haul my kids around daily in my '66 coupe. I am looking for rear 3 point seat belts too. Anybody have pictures or installation information/sources? I would prefer to find a way to place the reel under the rear deck if possible, out of sight. Pictures would be great. I searched both forums and found very, very little on rear belt conversions. Thanks.

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I installed shoulder belts in my 64 1/2 coupe at the rear. They are not the "inertia reel" type but fixed. I welded plates and nuts to the parcel tray for the shoulder strap and drilled two holes each side behind the rear seat cushion for the buckle and bottom shoulder strap anchorage. Not as convenient as the reel type but OK. You should be able to fit a reel with a bit of thought and juggling around. Good luck!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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