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I'm preparing to replace the headliner in my car, so I pulled the rear window out and look what I found: (large pictures)

Looking down at lower part of rear window channel:

My request is for suggesions on how to repair correctly. For those not familiar with 71 - 73 coupes, access directly under this area is blocked by another panel inside the trunk (didn't think to take a picture earlier and it's dark out now, maybe tomorrow)
Anyway, I was thinking that I'd somehow weld in some pieces from the underside, but then how do I get the rust off the bottom to get a good weld?

Thanks in advance,

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First off, I would remove all visable rust to start with, then deal with the holes. Depending on how skilled you are with your welder, you could simply cut out the metal around the holes and butt-weld in homemade patches. Another option would be to nutralize the rust with the por-15 system, then fiberglass over it. Hope this helps.

Max Kern
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