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Hello, AL_Pony here,

The last 8 months have been very busy for me but the car is back from painting.
I also renewed my steering linkage kit and now I am down to some electrical issues, which I almost completely fixed.

However, a thing that really bothers me is the rear window molding.
When they repainted the car, they also put new rubber/gaskets on the rear windshield.

Two days ago I tried to put my (newly ordered) moldings on, without any luck, because the rubber is way to thick on
the bottomg of the windshield. The molding will have no chance to "reach" the clips (also replaced).

I read that it is a known issue.
Do you guys have a "working" combination of rubber/gasket / seal and molding that actually work or do
you have another workaround?

Any help appreciated.

Thanks :)
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