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Just installed my 255x60x15 M/T drag radials on 15x8 Weld draglite wheels with 4.5in. backspacing.

They fit with out rubbing. I did have to roll the wheel well lip.

But the back end sits up way to high 28.5in. and the front sits at 24in. I plan on installing 5 leaf mideye rear springs soon, but once i lower the rear the tires will be to wide.

So 245x60x15 would fit just right. But it looks like i might go with 235x60x15 BFG drag radial so i can get the rear low enough and still have plenty of clearance. I want the rear wheel well to sit level with the top of the rear tire, like it does on my 68.

(I just posted pics on page 4 of my cardomain site. the third pic down really shows how high the rear sits.)
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