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Im ready to start putting things back together.

Im guessing that the aluminum manifold will torque to 15-18 lbs. Same for the waterpump, fan and fan clutch.

Here is where Im at. I cleaned the intake gasket surfaces, otherwise this is how the engine looked when I popped off the manifold.

Also, heres a tip, in the second pic you can see that the key to having a successful outcome is organization.

Theres an intake, carb, pcv plumbing, waterpump, bolts, hoses, wiring harness, fan & clutch, alternator, ac clutch, brackets, pulleys, fuel line, dizzy, coil, air cleaner, Borgeson steering box, PS pump and a bunch of odds and ends, all laid out, categorized, and in the proper sequence of assembly.

Yes, this project is all but done.


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