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Rebuilding Brake Proportion Valve

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Does anyone know how to disassemble or rebuild the brake proportioning valve on 67 Disc brake ? The barrel shaped valve above the rearend ? email direct [email protected]
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Dissassemble by holding the round part in a vise and unscrewing the hex end.

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I tried to rebuild one once.... The piston was so badly stuck that I had to force it out with hydraulic presure. The valve contains Metric U-pac seals... Not a rebuild kit avalable (at that time) . I installed an adjustable valve from Wildwood. Seems like Ford had a replacement (1970 part#) for mega-bucks.

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The proportioning valve from my 65 Gt was rebuilt by a specialty brake shop in Southern CA. I believe the kit was about $35 and labor $45. It works like new.

I soaked it in penetrating oil for several weeks before I dismantled it, and realized my skills weren't up to putting a new kit in.

Good luck.
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