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Rebuilding my Tilt-Away

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I looked through the past posts but can’t really find what I’m looking for. I’m trying to disassemble my tilt away column for repainting and cleaning. Looks like a lot of brake fluid has been spilled on it and really did a number on the bottom half of the housing. Once I started taking it apart, I’m a bit concerned about putting it back together correctly. Looking for help in the build or someone reputable do do the job for me. Any help is, of course, much appreciated.
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West Coast Classic Cougars has some videos. They may also do repairs if you decide to farm it out.
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Pictures, pictures, pictures as you disassemble. Make at least 3 of every part as you start to remove each piece.

And video yourself taking it apart if you have a 2and recording device.

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Yes. Spoke to WCC today and they no longer restore/rebuild them. I’m really looking for disasemblely/assembly instructions. Im open to someone reputable doing the work too. These things are a bit complicated.
The bad thing about them is getting parts, NO one but WCC has them, if your lucky enough they might have what you need. and they are NOT cheap. I have done a few, never found ANY books on them. You will need a special tool to remove the [2] holding pins on the joint. VERY had tool to find, I do not know the number, but it is a 6-32 thread , on the end to screw into the pins, then you have to pull them out, with out it you cant get the pins out, you cant take the joint apart. There is also [2] small metal springs, you have to remove, they BREAK super easy. They are NOT a easy to rebuild, and NO PARTS.
I watched the clip from WCC, The pins he is showing is NOT the pins I am talking about, those are the locking paw pins.
Here’s the go to guy for tilt columns. Hope he is still in the business, I last used him in 2016. Iirc wccc used him too.
Steve Libenow
[email protected]
765 Orkney Ave
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Here are pictures of the tool you will need, Mine is old and can not read the numbers on it. You have to have to get the locking pins out.


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Thanks everyone for the great info. I’ll update once it’s complete.
... I have done a few, never found ANY books on them. ...
How about these Ford documents? :cool:


Oh this is great. Thank you
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