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I have been told to just use model paint to touch up the colors on my mustang emblems and gas cap. The Red/White/Blue part. Can anyone recommend a brand and exact paint color or code that I should use for each? I was planning on just brushing it on.

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I used model paint on the emblems of my 65 coupe 8 years ago and they still look new... I am thinking about doing the same thing on my friends coupe as well.

As for brand, I am sure they are all about the same, can anyone verify?

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I did the same thing for my glove box emblem last year. I used whatever the standard model paint that they sell at Walmart is, using a very small brush, and it came out great.


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I used Testors brand model paint on my emblems and they look great. Straight colors - gloss blue, red and white, appeared to match very close.
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