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Recommendations anyone

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Getting ready to order the parts I need to reassemble the engine. Machine shop reccommends the Sealed power rings, and Clevite 77 bearings. Also will be ordering ARP head bolts & either main bolts or studs. Either one better than the other for a mostly street driven motor? Cost difference is minimal. Also any one have a good source? FE motors are not to common at Jegs & Summit. Found a bunch of options at but have never ordered from them. Anyone have any experience with them?

Thanks a bunch
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Never ordered from, but if you do use coupon # 260101 for $30.00 off.

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I'm using both the rings & bearings as you, no problems. As for head bolts or studs, with it being a street engine & the money is about the same I'd stay with the bolts, just because they're factory. But some people might want studs. No wrong answer here I don't think.

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I would use ARP studs in a race engine, but if you are building a street engine that is not overly radical, use the bolts. The studs require that you re-line hone the main bearing bore after installing the studs because they create a different "set" for the main caps.

Side note; I have never figured out why this happens but I know that it does, I've miked it. Anybody know why?

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Hal, have you ever tried not torquing the stud to 10 lb ft. before torquing the cap...?

If you haven't, try it sometime and compare to torquing a bolt....

I think that torquing the stud into place slightly distorts the bore because it's bottoming in the hole...

Bolts will be fine for your street engine...

Do a little searching on the net for oiling system improvements you can do....

I prefer plasma moly rings and use gapless versions in the race car.....regular plasma moly rings are fine for street use...

Bearings are fine....

Consider dynamic balancing if you plan on some brisk driving...*G*

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made all the oil system mods and had everything balanced last time I had the engine apart. Figured I wouldn't need to rebalance since nothing will change with pistons, rods, crank etc.

Brisk driving usuall occurs on the spur of the moment *G*.

I've ordered from before - Jeep stuff only. They're like any other online parts store. Make sure to call and confirm the part you're ordering is actually the part you need! I had to return parts and that was no problem either - I believe they even paid postage.
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