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Recommendations from DFWer's please....

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Well, we are finally getting ready to take the coupe in to have it repainted after the dogs got a hold of it... I would rather not drive around looking for a "reputable" body shop and take the chance of having found the worse one in town (that would be my luck).. Can any DFWer's recommend paint/body shops they have dealt with and walked away from happy? I know someone had mentioned NOT to go to Voss.. so that is out of the question.. My insurance company wants me to take it to Dennings in Lewisville, and I have thought about driving it over to Streetwerks off I-35. Any other suggestions?

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I had my 70 Ranchero GT painted at the Terrel Ford place. They did a really good job but that was several years ago and the manager of the paint shiop was trying to make a name for himself. They wound up keeping several pictures of my car. This was the first car they had ever painted in Kronar so Dupont even showed up with a couple of factory engineer types to supervise the whole job.

My best advise is to ask for some references and go visit and have them show you other people's cars that they are working on. You will get a pretty good idea what kind of work they do from that. Good luck finding anybody these days. Most of the shops I know of won't do custom work anymore. They only go where the money is which is insurance collision repair.

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I won't start shopping for a body shop for at least another year or so and things may change by then. But, I plan to ask around at the North Texas Mustang Club when the time comes. There is a meeting this coming Thursday, I can ask around for you if you want. You can E-mail me directly at [email protected]. You could also call the guys at Dallas Mustang at 1-800-Mustang and ask them.

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Can't help you. But the NTMC comment was good. I know their first cruise night is the First Saturday in April at the Cracker Barrel in Lewisville. You might try going their and asking around. I plan on being there.

Good luck

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If you don't mind traveling to San Antonio, try:

Jeff Lilly Restorations, Ltd.210-695-5151 11125 FM 1560, San Antonio, Texas

They have done many Mustangs and have even done some "How To" articles for some Mustang magazines.

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I'm not sure, but as a warning, just north of Denton there's a Classic Car Yard, They are WAY too expensive...and over charge for the smallest parts, and most common parts, (before I knew about Dallas Mustang they charged my 90 bucks for a regulator that went bad 3 months later. I went out there again...and couldn't help but notice they didn't pull the unit I asked them to. )

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Larry Moss - Mustangs N More. He's off I-35 and Laureland (south of dallas). I am very satisfied with the paint job he did on my mach. I decided on him because he's a one-man operation, he's a good guy who cares about what you want and I've seen many cars he painted 10 years ago - they still looked great. You're welcome to come by and see my mach any time. Just send me an e-mail. Chris

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