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Red oxide or black on early-style Mustangs?

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What was the primer color used on the underbody of early (March - May 1964) Mustangs from Dearborn? I thought it was never a single color, but a grayish conglomeration of the previous day's excess exterior paint.

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Steve - Can't speak to 64.5 cars, but both of the 66 Dearborn cars I owned appear to have started with red oxide and then had a half-assed overspray of black up to the rocker panels. My 66 assembly manual also instructs the workers to spray underhood and undercarriage with black.

Maybe Jeff or Charles can say for sure.

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On the Dearborn factory black seem to have been a popular color on the undercarriage. My 64 Farlane, manufactured in mid April 64 on the Dearborn plant was chassis black. Absolutely no sign of any other primer.
IIRC, they started to use left over paint later in the 65 model year on the Dearborn plant, making the undercarriages have almost any shade of paint including metallic.
I don't think they used red oxide at all.

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Don't see enough 64 Dearborn cars to make a suggestion..... sorry .

And for the aassembly manual be careful there are often a number of mistakes in each of those. Remember that each one of those pages did not come as a group all at one time and each of them replaced a page that had a mistake. We're not sure which one/ones of those pages were replaced the week after it was printed either :)\

BTW the black paint on the fllor panes was over spray from the pinch weld black-out process

But its a great book to look at and confirm original processes with

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I've got an early June 64 build date on my 64 1/2 and it was black primer. At first I thought it was gray but after cleaning up and finding some good spots above the driveshaft, I definitely had black primer.
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