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Price reduced for quick sell. Thumbnails link to larger pics which are pretty big.
This is a 69 Mach I, M Code, 351w (63c y5 3a 12f 17 9 1) The color is currently a dark blue with silver hood, it should be Indian Fire Metallic with a 3 speed. You can see the original color on Pics 16 and 37. Most everything I have done to the car has been mechanical. The engine is a new long block(correct year though). It has 20,000 on the engine and I drive it every single day. Engine is very clean and strong.

It has an Edelbrock aluminum intake and Holley 600 carb, MSD drop in electronic distributor, MSD coil, MSD wires, new radiator and cap, new battery and starter, the stearing box has been replaced and is very snug, car does not creep while driving. It has Hooker headers, and they never need to be tightened (nobody ever believes me ).The front end tie rods and ball joints have all been replaced. The upper A bushings still need replacing though only because they squeek a little, it does not affect the alignment.

All driving lights work properly. Front and rear brakes have had a complete work over. The cylinders have been rebuilt and all the springs/levers are replaced. The front has two new drums and the pads are good. The car does not pull or shimmy when coming to a stop. The drive shaft is new. The transmission is a C4 auto and it has a shift kit. The transmission has just been completely rebuilt by AAMCO ( they really stick it to ya ! ) Come to find out, the C4 is modified with a larger shaft and torque converter. It really drives nice now.

No power steering

The dash has been completely pulled down and the firewall was cleaned and repainted with brown primer. It also has a new firewall pad. I removed the wiring harness and fixed it completely. All the lights in the dash work. All the gauges work fine except the alternator. Speedometer works and so does the clock. The dash pad is in good shape but there are splits on either side of the speaker grill.

The A/C unit is an R-134 after market and works great. The air is cold and it hardly pulls on the engine. It fits into the area of the original heater core under the dash. The lower dash needs to be changed out to add the vents, thats why the A/C hose is laying on the floorboard. I still have the original heater core unit for the buyer.

When it rains, the windshield drips right above the steering wheel and the rear glass leaks a small amount in the bottom corners. All the seats are in very good shape, the driver seat has a small pencil hole that is barely noticeable. The headliner has no tears and looks great. The center console is in pretty good shape but it does need attention to make it right. Carpet is good and the back dash and speaker grills are in great shape. In the trunk, on either side above where the leaf springs attach, there are small holes from rust. They have not gotten any bigger since I have had the car. It is very minor in appearance and can be fixed pretty easy.

The right rear Q panel was replaced at some point as there isn't any undercoating sprayed on it. The work is excellent and is completely unnoticed from the outside; They did a great job. The front left fender was also replaced at some point and looks very good too. On the left rear, lower Q panel by the wheel, it looks like some body work was done because I can feel some body filler there. It is unnoticed unless you really look for it.

All the rocker panels are in great shape. The floor was replaced on the drivers side but the passenger side does not need replacing. This car really has little rust at all. The shock towers and torque boxes are wonderful and are still the originals!!

Another mustang friend told me "It's hard to believe this car came from the north, it looks like it came from Arizona or out on the West Coast".

Overall, this car is in great shape for the price. If your looking for a show car, this is not it but would be easy to get there. It needs some interior work, new paint and nit picky touch-ups and trim replacements. I would do all this myself at some future time, but I have no time right now to even consider it.

I am dropping the price to a pathetic $8500.00 for a quick sell. This is what I paid for it and I've put a ton into it already. If you want a nice Mach for the price, this is it. I am sick to sell it, but I need to. I also have another set of rims to go with it. They are the original steel rims and caps.

I am confident that the buyer could fly into Atlanta and drive it to Alaska if they needed to.

Please, only serious buyers reply.

Let me know if you have any questions [email protected]
home# 770-222-9591
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I wish you were not so far away and I had all the money...With college for my daughter and the expense for me to ship...I just can't...Nice car and I really wish I could....

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