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Refinishing Torq Thrusts

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I have a set of Keystone Torque Thrust D's that I want to refinish and put on my Mustang. They are very nice original unmarked 1960's rims with only a few minor imperfections. The inner portion still has the original grey paint intact but the outer rings are long past due for cleaning and buffing.
What is the best method to get the outer sections smooth and shiney like the ones I see at shows. Undecided if I will paint the centers black at this point.
I have access to a lathe and media blasting if that is an option.
Any help you be great.
Thank you
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I'd think your first move would be a good aluminum cleaner / polisher, and a lot of elbow grease.
I'd try that first before I break out the heavy machinery! Dickson

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Have you heard of this stuff called Wenol? (I think I spelled that right) They sell it in tube at a lot of car shows. Its a pink goo that really does a good job of shining up aluminum.

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I had purchased a matched pair of vintage TTD-look-alikes (never buy one rim) at Carlisle for less than $10 and a year later purchased another pair that matched the first ones pretty close. The aluminum rims were coroded and pitted pretty bad. I first wet sanded the aluminum with 320 grit, then 400, 600, and finally 1500. A thorough job was done on each stage. Then, I used various buffing compounds and aluminum polish (Mothers) to finish the job. I sprayed the center spokes with rustoleum clean metal primer and followed this with the "Argent" spray can paint. The bare/polished aluminum rim section is really easy to keep polished; although the car (67 coupe) only sees good driving weather. If you want, send me a message and I will e-mail you some pictures of the wheels.

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