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Regarding my glowing head!! (CF2 sunburn)

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Hello all! I just wanted to drop everyone a line and tell you my head is okay. It got red, but I think the bulk of it was from a golf match I had played prior to CF2. I have had no pain, peeling, or additional hair loss from the incident.

My face did get a little tender, but not too bad. All is well on my melon! Thanks for the concern!!
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One of the coolest shots, and I don't have a pic, is of CV lighting those tires on fire at the burnouts, and launching forward at about 8 grand, spectators whooping it up....and all you see in the cab through the smoke is that darned towel on CV's head flapping in the wind as he's rocketing down the course! Too cool!

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Well Jim, I didn't suspect you had much feeling in your head anyway, based on some of our chat dialog/forums/images/icons/laugh.gif....but I'm glad you are OK nonetheless.....
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