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removal of steering colum

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I am the owner of a 1967 Mustang Convertible. I have been trying to remove the steering column from the steering box. It has a solid steering column "without" the flex joint. Is there some secret or trick to removing the column from the steering box? Need help with this. Thanks. Marty
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Why do you want to do this? If it is to get the box out of the car, it is a lot neater (if not easier) to remove the box and shaft as one unit. There were several recent posts on how to do this on 65-66 (which is the same integral box as early 67). If you want to rebuild the box, it is easier on the bench anyway.

Remove the wheel
remove the column tube
remove the DS shock tower brace, DS Exhaust Manifold, clutch linkage (if installed), DS motor mount, DS Seat.
Remove the 3 bolts, Lift box up and out over the fender.

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A cutting torch or a sawsall would work.

As previously stated, on a 65/66 anyway, the box and shaft are a combined unit and have to come out together...unless you have no plans to reinstall them.

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