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64 1/2 D Code Coupe,
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I recently removed a steering box from a 66 coupe with power steering. This is what I did.

Disconnected battery
Removed driver's seat
Removed the power steering linkage from the pitman arm.
Unplugged steering column wiring.
Removed steering column seal from firewall.
Removed steering wheel assembly and turn signal arm.
Removed colar holding the steering column.
Slid steering column off shaft
Unbolted steering box from frame
Removed left exhaust manifold
Remove master cylinder hydraulic line from front of master cylinder.
Removed bolt from left engine mount.
Jacked up engine on driver's side.
Rotated steering box so pitman arm would clear frame.
Lifted the steering box out of car.

Oh, I don't know why but I also removed the cross member under the engine.

Did I miss anything that would have made it easier?

Once I got the box out I found no free play. As soon as I started to turn the shaft the pitman arm would move. I rotated the pitman arm and found no free play when holding the steering shaft and rotating the pitman arm. Does this sound like I got a good box? I hate to install it in my car and find out I need to pull it back out and service it.

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Sounds like you made short work of it, I don't see any shortcuts there. I don't think the gearbox is going to show slack/wear out of the car with no pressure on it like it may with all the linkages hooked up and the pressure of trying to turn the tires against the pavement. You might want to read here, it may have some tips for testing:

I took a decent amount (~1/2") of play out of my wheel just by cleaning out the 40+yr. old grease and repacking with ford spec grease.
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