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removing streering column

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im trying to remove the steering box and the steering column. my problem is i cant figure out how to detach the steering column from the sterring box. can anyone help. thanxs
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After removing the steering wheel from the column and removing the two bolts holding the steering wheel to the instrument panel (actually, just behind the panel), the only thing holding the steering column in is a tapered washer surrounding the center bolt and the column, near the driver.

Squirt a bit of WD-40 down the center tube, rotate the steering column around a bit (remember to disconnect the steering column wiring first!), then give the column a yank towards you. This should probably dislodge the tapered washer. If not, keep trying, and add more WD-40 to loosen it up. Once the tapered washer is out, you can easily remove the steering column.

All that's left is the center bolt, which looks remarkably like a spear! One look at that and I put 3 point safety belts real quick...I had day dreams about being impaled during an accident!!

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The '67 is an odd beast. Some of them had the "long shaft" column and some of them have the "rag joint". I would be willing to bet that yours has the "long shaft", which means that the steering shaft runs from the steering box all the way to the steering wheel.

If you do have the long shaft type of column you have to either slide the column off the top of the shaft, or drop the steering box and pull the shaft out of the column from the bottom. Neither is much fun. Either way, you have to remove the steering wheel to make it happen.

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Assuming you have the long shaft type, the general procedure is to:

a. Remove drivers seat (gets in the way and if you don't you might have upholstery damage).

b. Remove the steering column sleeve (per instructions already given).

c. Remove clutch linkage z-bar (if manual transmission).

d. Look for manifold and spark plug interference (you may need to remove plugs and left exhaust manifold or headers).

e. Remove pitman arm from gearbox.

d. Loosen gearbox bolts and then lift gearbox upward (column shaft will tip down - which is why you want the drivers seat out), work around shock tower - which is why you may have to take the manifold or header off, and lift away from engine block.

Whomever made this gearbox and shaft in one piece ought to get a swift kick in the gonads!
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