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Removing wiper switch in a '69

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How does the wiper switch come out of a '69? The elecrtrical plug on my sportsroof is just dangling and the knob just spins in the dash. How do I remove it from the dash?

If it helps, the rest of the dash is completely disassembled, but I can't get my fat head in there to see the back of the wiper switch.

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I just put mine back in. To remove it though you take a small straightslot screwdriver and remove the knob by pushing out against the clip under the knob. Once the knob is off you will see a cross shaped pattern just like the headlight switch except that the rod for the switch is poking out the middle. I take a #2 screwdriver and wedge it against one of the slots and unscrew it just like the headlight switch. The hard part is that the angled backing piece behind the dash is not fixed to the switch. If not held in by the pins on the front bezel it will rotate. Sorry to be so long winded.
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