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Repainting a console

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I know alot of you guys have done this and it's supposed to be easy. How do you go about cleaning and repainting a console. I have a 71 full console I am about to repaint and wanted to know if there are any tricks.


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Not really any tricks. I used a SOS pad on my 65 console. Just do not scrub that hard. Then I painted it with some interior paint. I am not sure how the 71 console looks but if it has fabric then use the fabric spray paint.
The last time I cleaned one of those (with the camera case grain) I used an old toothbrush to get down into the grain. I had to do it two or three times, because some of the dirt wasn't visible until the consle dried. I was afraid to use anything more than a toothbrush and soapy water to prevent damage to the console.
It just requires a little patience.
A thorough cleaning, first with a mild petroleum based fluid (lighter fluid or like - don't want to disolve the plastic and follow with detergent (dishwasing soap) cleaning. Stop at your local well equipped auto paint store and speak to them about the project and get their recommendations on the best supplies they have to use. Can't remember the brand but there is several compounds to use (plastic prep is one of them) and follow with a paint that is specifically made to paint plastic. Regular paint is too brittle and will crack/chip easily. Several light coats is better than a couple thick ones. My two cents. Good luck!
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