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have a 67 mustang with an original tach dash kit. As of now, i have water, oil pressure, and ammeter pods attached at the bottem. I saw some company that sells instrument panels with brand new autometer gauges. However, i really do not want to replace my whole panel since of the original tach gauge. I was wondering if i could just replace the non functional water temperature and clock with some autometer gauges? If anyone has done anything similar, or any suggestions, please do help

I think the autometers on top would look odd with the factory gauges below. I say go all autometer or nothin. I personally prefer the factory gauges, to the big dumpy numbers on the autometers.

Matt Williams
67 coupe, 289

I experimented with putting an aftermarket (VDO) vacuum gauge where the clock used to be in my 68
dash. A lot of effort to get it mounted and then it looked out of place. Plus, a complete working
tach setup is a fairly rare item; I wouldn't modify it with aftermarket gauges. Does the temp gauge
not work or do you just prefer a gauge with numbers? A non working temp gauge is easily fixed.
A 68 oil pressure gauge could be modified to fit where the clock once was, but you would need to
install two sending units and separate wiring for the gauge. It has been done, but it's not a trivial

I personally like the gauges under the dash. This is what I did on my 68 convertible with a tach
dash; it's a very clean installation and has sort of a 60s look. As a last resort you could
always sell the current dash; you should be able to get enough money out of it to pay for the
autometer dash.

-Matt Richmond
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