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Replacing shifter bushings???

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What's involved in replacing the shifter bushings on my 65? Does the console have to come out, or is it done from underneath? Can anyone walk me thru this, since I'm a total moron when it comes to the mechanical stuff? THANKS!!!
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Sorry, it's an automatic....took the shifter plate off, and there seems to be a metal 'cup' surrounding the assembly, so I suspect they're replaced from underneath...but I have no idea what has to come out to access them, and the shop manual doesn't help much.
Assuming this is an automatic;
1. Remove the shifter handle
2. Remove the console just enough to access the lower part of the shifter asembly
3. Working from underneath, remove the rubber plug from the right side of the shifter assembly.
4. Using a rachet and socket, remove the nut from the shifter arm thru the hole underneath.
5. Working from the top, remove the shifter arm, slide the shaft out, replace the bushings, reverse reassembly.
I myself go underneath and undo the linkage on the shifter. loosen the set screw on the shifter handle. Remove the bezel. Unbolt the shifter housing and unplug any wiring. Remove the side plug and take a socket and unbolt the shifter arm.Put the new bushings in and grease them. It is a good time to paint the needle and replace the seal on the bezel that the shifter goes through and clean everything up. I had a shifter that you couldn't tell if it was in drive or park and after doing that you coluldn't tell it from a new one. It cost under $10. Good luck, it's a easy one. Oh yea this is for 69-70's but for the most part should work or help.
Thanks to all....took me an hour, mainly to get the shifter out, but it's done! Now, for my next project....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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