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"Reply" disabled for Nor Cal Cruise???

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For some reason, the ONLY post I can't reply to is Shaun's!? The other's all have the "reply" posted. His doesn't. Maybe because I live in NorCal I can't respond to NorCal posts? The conspiracy continues!
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Well, we didn't want to say anything to you, but ...

Just kidding. We will finally meet at the BAMA show. We have a cruise lined up right now to include 9 cars from Sacto. to your show. Since it's being speer-headed by yours truly, it looks like you may get a chance for some rare footage of the legendary johnpro ... have your camer ready!

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You can reply to the one in the NorCal-VMF forum. The one here is an announcement only. When Bob locked it to the top he also disabled replies.
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