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Somewhere along the line, the slat piece fell out of one of my repro GT exhaust trumpets. Now one has slats and one is wide open. Are my trumpets cheap pieces of sh#%? Does this ever happen with NOS trumpets? Can I buy just the slat piece and somehow reinstall it in the trumpet, or do I need a whole new trumpet, which would be a pain because it's welded on!

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Take the slat out of the other side so they match. Take out all the slats. I have always thought
they were ridiculous. The trumpets... well O.K. but the slats what are they supposed to do? Direct
exhaust gas down to break up the vacuume (sp.) under the car?? I thing they contribute to that
etherial quality that is "G.T."
BTW... too bad about Boeing moving. That really sucks.
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I agree with Jimbo. Just take them out of the other side *LOL*. IMHO, the slats only ristrict the exhaust and make it sound funny anyway (I'll probably catch flack for that statement). I had the trumpets on my last '66 coupe, and while I like the looks, hated everything else about them, thus the reason I didn't use them with my current '66.

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