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Mine had been asleep about that long. Woodchuck’s way is how I’ve been doing wake ups for a while. It’s from the old high school auto shop days. I use Marvel Mystery Oil in the cylinders and a gas can to the inlet side of the fuel pump so any kack in the tank and lines isn’t sucked in. The important part is make sure it turns by hand before you try and fire. If it won’t turn by hand or you hear loud metal to metal take it apart and see why before attempting to fire. It could be the difference between exploding your engine and simply unseizing it and rebuilding.
I was going to suggest this.

With certain aircraft-type engines, part of starting is to crank the engine a few seconds, mags off, until oil pressure is indicated. Alternately you can pull the distributor and spin the oil drive, but then you need to get the distributor back where it was.
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