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Resto shops around KC or St. Louis

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I am looking to get some info on some different places around KC or St. Louis to have paint my 66 Fastback. I could have it done locally but I have a few items needing installation that I think a Mustang enthusiast would be best at doing. Also what might I expect to pay for this. It needs some rough weld spots on the rear quarters and some spots around the rear windows smoothed out and the car needs primered. I was looking at doing a basecoat/clearcoat and possibly having it color sanded. Thanks for all the help.
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Mid America Mustang in the St. Louis area restores Stangs and has lots of new and used parts. I bought my first car from them, and had an engine rebuilt by them. They're good folks. But it sounds like any bodyshop could do the work you're talking about.

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call Joe Pluff @ Mustangs and More. He is in Merriam Kansas. (kansas city) 913-384-0202.

Excellant work, long list of references/customers, many awards have been gathered by his customers and
some have appeared in magazines. Also is ASE certified. only drawback is the waiting list. I have
seen awsome detailed mustangs, falcons, rancheros, etc, in his shop.

tell him Rich Bond gave him a good word.

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