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Talked with my paint guy yesterday. The body is all done and ready for painting as soon as we have good dry weather. After that we start reassembly, which he estimates will take 1-2 months to complete. I am sooo antsy to get in that car...I can hardly stand it. It'll be roughly 16 months of resto, and I've yet to drive the car once since I bought it. I can't wait and am feeling encouraged.
As I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, of course I can somehow justify some shopping for the next project.

What do you think: I've talked to a guy in NC who has a 66 GT coupe with solid cowl, floors, and trunk area. Rear wheelwells have flares. Car is all there and running - needs body and paint work.

Car #2 is a 66 fastback here in town with no engine or tranny, in need of new floors, trunk, and probably cowl. Maybe a good one to chuck a 351w into....But lots of sheetmetal work and expenses first. Cheaper entry point.
I'm leaning to pursuing the coupe first, as it's said to be much more solid. In the big picture paint etcs no big deal.

What do you think some fair prices are for these cars - and which one would you go after ????? Dickson

1965 GT fastback
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Well, I like Fastbacks the best, but between those two, I think I would go for the coupe. Mainly because it is more solid, and also because it is a GT. Cause the sheetmetal replacement and repairing really adds up. But hey, don't take my word for it. I'm no expert at all. :)


If you could get the fastback under 2K I would take it. They are getting hard to find around here. A bombshell stripped is bringing $2000-$3000 in the upstate of SC. I have a nice solid stripped 65 coupe. We'll take $800.00 for it. The car is in primer. No doors,fenders,hood,glass. We have a bunch of parts if your intrested...

Building a one of a kind Steet Machine 65-Fastback!!!!
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