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Hello to all. I inherited a '67 Coupe (289) from a friend who could no longer continue to work on it. Since then, I have undertaken the task (joy) of continuing where he left off. I also have a '89 Mercury Grand Marquis that has tranny problems and is slated to go the yard.
My question is as follows: What can I salvage from the '89 Merc and use on the '67 Mustang?
Any and all ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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About the only thing you could swap is the motor and tranny. If I were you I would pull both the motor and tranny then send the car to the yard. The engine is not necessarily a high performance motor however it should be a roller block and have efi. The tranny I would have fixed and install in the stang since it is an AOD. The overdrive will allow you to run a lower (numerically higher) rear end. The low gears will make stoplight to stoplight really fun while you will still be able to drive on the highway without the high RPM's.
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