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Restricted nipple time....

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Over the past two days my heater hose popped twice. The first time was understandable, where the hose clamp clamps the hose to the intake manifold nipple was kinda "over used" looking. So I figured fine, whatever. I stopped on the side of the road, trimmed it back an inch or two to some fresh hose and clamped it all back together. Driving home from my GF's house it started peeing again in the same spot! The hose had split again!

So I went to the auto parts store and got new hose and a special restrictor nipple for the connection at the intake manifold. I told the guy there what had happened and that I also had a ballooning heater core not too long ago too. He said to try the restrictor and that might solve my problem (he is a fellow mustang owner and the guys that work at this old parts place know their stuff, they have helped me in the past on numerous occasions, so I am pretty sure he isn't full of it).

So is anyone using one of these? Did it cause other weird stuff to happen or break? Let me know of any helpful info you might have regarding this "restricted nipple".
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Damn...I thought you were gonna talk about something else...
Those restricters are a common solution to a problem most often brought on by high-flow water pumps. They don't always solve the problem, but there is only one way to find out.

If the hose was bad enough to fail once you should not have been suprised to see it fail a second time. I suggest you replace the hoses as well.
Another kinda wierd problem, it is a stock water pump. I was planning on changing the hoses anyway, but to have it break on a fresh "virgin" section of hose (it hasn't been clamped on multiple times) was kinda strange.
Hoses generally fail from the inside out, depending on how the cooling package and engine heat have been controlled, so it's not surprising a virgin portion of hose gave you the same problem.

Good quality hosing should have a safety factor of 3:1 over the maximum head produced by a water pump (that would be with a closed discharge, as in a completely blocked passageway)...I've put 50 psi into heater hoses in the shop (emergency test rig *G*) with no problems. IME, the impeller style we use (at least the early pumps I run) isn't efficient enough to make that kind of pressure under any conditions. Even the enclosed impeller (of about the same size) in my pool pump, operating at 3600 rpm, will only make 35 psi (that's a little over 80' of head) with a closed discharge (not recommended but that's one way I test my repairs)....

Yeah, change those hoses...hehehe...and don't forget the radiator hoses too, if they've been on the car awhile. They don't see the same pressures but hey, why take the chance?
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