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retractors don't retract, now what (slight rant)?

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Slowly the stang is resembling a car. I was installing the new carpet and had a can of contact cement sitting in the stang, where I had pulled back the carpet, while I contact cemented the edges up by the door sill. Yup, it happened. The carpet sprang back, knocked over the contact cement and 80 percent of a full can ended up pooled on the floor of the car. Fortunately it was under the carpet, and not on it. And that was the better part of working on the car.

Anyway, when I went to install the retractor/seat belt, there was no spring tension in the newly rebuilt by Snake Oyll seat belts. Probably something I goofed up when I took the boots off to repaint them. If I wind the belt back up the other direction, I have plenty of tension, but the inertia clip does not seem to catch anymore. Anyone have any ideas on what is going on ? Is it as simple as winding the belt back up the wrong direction on the retractor?

This is a pain. my reverse lights don't work, after buying a T-5 switch harness from Windsor Fox and hooking it into a 4speed harness from Ford. Geeze. Maybe I need to turn the ignition key on to get them to work? haha. Rebuilding the engine was the easy part. This electrical work is jolting!!!!! To top it off, when I got under the lower dash to slip on the kick panel, I took a header into the steering column, the nut on the end of the shaft gouging a furrow in my scalp deep enough to draw blood. This is not a good mustang day.

sure it's fun (sometimes), but it's only a car. <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1>Edited by 70sportsroof on 04/10/01 03:42 PM (server time).</FONT></P>
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Damm, I've had days like that. Good thing the glue didn't get on the carpet. Sorry I don't know about the seat belt thing, can you tell by looking at the other one?

Can you smellllllllalalalala........?
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