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reworking my web-sight ,looking for input

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Hi ,all ,I am in the process of reworking my websight .
take a look at this page and let me know what you think.
Thanks Jason
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Looks pretty good to me
Thanks , any suggestions ,
Might want to add a little color and acouple of graphics just to jazz it up.
I looked briefly at your website and I don't know if anybody thought of this but this is a really great way to get your "parts for sale" in the forum. You could just do this every so often and think of all the new customers you would gain. Then again, some might think you are just trying to sneak your "parts for sale" into the discussion section rather than in the "Parts for Sale" section.


J. Boggs
I think it's called "creative marketing". It's no worse than the other vendors that frequent this forum.
Actually, DBAY isn't filtered from the sig lines and several people have links to their auctions in their sig. Same thing.

The problem with the sig links is that they become stale if you don't continually note when the page was last updated. People will go once and never come back even though the parts change.
if I had wanted to advertise parts for sale I would have posted a link to my whole web-sight , not just the small sample section I wanted input on .
you're still working with that one page gets all, sooner or later.
i would prefer a home page with categories to choose from.
based on year of car, type of part(interior, exterior, drivetrain, etc.), that way when i visit your site i don't have to sift thru all the parts i'm not interested in at that time.
just an idea
ps disregard the critics, they're always out there.
actually if you look at my full sight I have it set up with an index page , then by year ,and type part .

I plan on changing all the pages to this format instead of the straight text.

look at the original and the new one and let me know what you think.
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