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I found out that The Rimblow Buddy is still in business as they contacted me to do a restoration on my 70 Mach 1 steering wheel. I have taken it off the car and wanted to ensure that the numbers are correct. My car has a build date of 10/11/69 and released on 10/14/69. The interior is black. I am not finding a part number on the wheel itself but did find some stampings. There is the number 130 with a circle around it on the back of a spoke. Above that are two separate stampings of 69 and G3. I'm not certain what the 130 is but do the others mean the part was built July (G), third week (3), of 1969?

As far as the pad goes, well, I found the numbers but they don't cross reference to anything I have. Located on the back of the lower spoke:

D0ZZ 3E662 AW
B 39130

According to my manuals, the part number should be D0ZZ 3623. I can't even find a 3E662 anywhere in my literature. I have no clues to the what the others translate to.

Do these parts have date codes associated with them? Any idea what the numbers translate to? Thanks for the assist!

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