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road clearance issues with traditional tri-y's?

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For any of you who are running Shelby style tri-y's on your otherwise stock height '65-'66 cars.....are you scraping the collectors or is there sufficient clearance? I want to use them, but don't want to have to worry that I am going to drag them everywhere I go. TIA!
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No way, collectors are tucked up there nice and high. However, that steering ram drop bracket that's required for installing tri-y's on power steering hangs sorta low, although I've never scraped it.
Great news...glad to hear it. I have a set of ceramic coated tri-y's on the shelf that I really want to use. Thanks for the reply!
Absolutely NO clearance issues, even with a lowered car. Of course I don't have PS either......../forums/images/icons/wink.gif

BTW, It's good to see you post again Shanman!!!
HTH you been??? (Other than married! /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif)
I have Tri-Ys on mine and its lowered 1 1/2" in front and 2" in rear. Only scrape on a speed bump if I hit it too should have NO problems with stock height.
Had them on my '66 Shelby forever, and never had them scrape.
Yeah, with the wedding behind me, I can concentrate on the things that matter like cars and stuff! (*G*) Thanks for the header feedback and the kind words mang!
You should have no problems, Shannon.

BTW, the convertible looks sharp ! Dickson
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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